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    On one of the turner forums the Neiko offset drill was said to do a good job of power sanding. I went onto Amazon and ordered one from Toolprice. What I got was one that looks exactly the same but the name says Licota on it. Has anyone herad of the Licota before? Is it the same thing as the Neiko?
    I have Emailed Toolprice but have not got a responce from them. It has only been a couple days but I am hoping you guys can give me a little info. Should I keep it? Or send it back as soon as I can?

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    No experience with either brand, but based on quick Google snooping both Neiko and Licota look like typical imported Asian tools, likely sold under a variety of names. That particular style of drill (clones of the Sioux and Milwaukee close quarter drill) seems to be pretty common among various importer labels.

    My guess is that the one you got is comparable to the one you thought you were getting. I think I'd go ahead and use it until it dies. Might be a year, might be 10 years.
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