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Thread: Wooden Hinges

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    Wooden Hinges

    For what ever its worth ..... I have figured out a simple way of making the wooden hinges that I have been useing on my last batch of boxes. For those of you that don't have the Incra Positioner. Most every one knows how to make finger joints. I use a shop made jig on my router table, some use it on the table saw. OK Just use 3/8th" thick material,cut a 3/8th" finger joints. I use a total of 5 nuckles (2 on one side ,3 on the other) Fit them so they go togather smoothley. Not real tight. Use a file to now round over the fingers. Go to the table saw set blade hight to 3/16th" Start just behind the finger joints and nibbel away back about 1 1/2" frome the nuckles. Now just round over the rest of the nuckle to match the part you have already done. sand smooth , drill 1/8Th" hole through all the nuckles for the brass rod to fit in.
    Now you can shape the hinge to what ever shape suits you. When drilling the holes do use the drill press and a hold down for the hinge. Works very well.
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    Thanks for sharing Ron something I've been wanting to dabble with for a, if things for me were only as simple as they seem when reading about them
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    thanks ron,, and i too will be making a wooden hinge sooner than i thought now that i got a idea of how to do it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Roase View Post
    For what ever its worth ..... I have figured out a simple way of making the wooden hinges...Just use 3/8th" thick material,cut a 3/8th" finger joints....
    Yeah, it works very well. I've used that method several times over the past twenty-five years.

    You can also cut half the hinge right into your box top, then round over the underside and glue the other half of the hinge to the back of the box. Just put the hinges close enough to the ends of the lid to allow drilling for the pin.

    BTW, if you don't mind an iron pin, a cut-off 16d or 20d nail works quite well.
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    Thats pretty much how I make them except I round the stock on the shaper with a half round cutter before I cut the pins, and I use a dado blade to cut the pins in one pass.

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    Thanks for the tip Ron. I'll give it a try
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