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Thread: Leorechaun Trap

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    Leorechaun Trap

    My granddaughter Abby wanted to catch a leprechaun. Why ?? I guess that what 5 year old girls want to do

    So she decorated a old Grizzly box (had to have something to do with woodworking ) with stuff that would attract leprechauns and tied a string to a green tinted rice krispie treat. I had to buy a box of Lucky Charms so she could lead the unsuspecting little critter to the trap.

    I told her that leprechauns are pretty hard to catch and they are really tricky. But if she did manage to catch one and he managed to escape the Leprechaun Code clearly states that he must leave a surprise in his place.

    So he is going to leave her a little bag of chocolate gold coins

    Can't wait to see her reaction in the morning
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    She's adorable Bob. I bet she'll like the Leprechaun's bail money.

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    ya need a 4 leaf clover none of the little people can resist one...
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    That is way cool stuff Bob.
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    If that doesn't work then nothing will.
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    Man I hope you can get video that's gona be great.
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    That's awesome, Bob. I'd never heard of a leprechaun trap before. Move over, Easter Bunny.
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    That's wonderful, Bob. I wish you had been my grandpa.
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    Can't wait to hear the results...sounds like the start of another American tradition

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