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Thread: Hi From Minnesota!

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    Hi From Minnesota!

    I'm Kathy and have been absent from the woodworking world for about 10 years now due to vision problems. Thought it might be a good idea to have somesort of control of what I see when I saw!

    Now I'm back and want to ease back into this hobby, but would like to do more quality than quantity. Any suggestions on what some good projects would be?

    Before I was very experienced with the scroll saw.....but am hesitant of all the fine details. Do you think I should start from the much as I hate doing shelves and simple stuff?

    Looking forward to whatever help you can give me.


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    Hi Kathy, nice to meet you! Others more experienced than me will weigh in on the project ideas, but I just want to welcome you to the forum.

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    Welcome aboard Kathy!

    Hmm, Depending on your vision, and comfort level with tools, I'd say bookshelves would be something good to work wither.

    Something else that might be satisfying is to work on boxes. Boxes can range from very simple mitered joinery to dovetails and other 'fancier' things.

    I'm sure some folks here will chime in with some good suggestions.

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    Hi Kathy and welcome to the Family glad ya joined us.
    Be sure to put up where you are at so we know what part of MN you in and also how to "razz" er I mean help ya
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    Hi Kathy.
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    Welcome to the family Kathy!

    I typically work on projects that are needed or would be helpful. So what's on your to-do list and we can go from there.

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    Welcome to the Family Kathy.
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    Welcome Kathy, there is a lot of help here from a lot of great woodworkers who are more than willing to share their knowledge

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    Hi Kathy and welcome.

    Oh, I apologize for Cynthia, she gets a little excited sometimes
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    Welcome Kathy !!
    Tables can be pretty simple to make
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