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Thread: Directions To The New Senior Center

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    Directions To The New Senior Center

    Don't want anyone to get lost

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    Back in the late 90s till around 2003, I used to go to an old resort in the catskill mountains to play tennis and hang out with the kids.

    There were always comedians performing or someone giving lectures, and there was always a large amount of senior guests, since this type of resort catered to the seniors the way it was back in the glory days of the catskill resorts.

    Some of the lecturers, story tellers, were pretty funny.
    Theyd be giving a lecture or walking tour somewhere, and right in the middle of speaking, theyd look at their watch and say, oh, its 4 pm, does anyone have to take a pill? Ya had to be there.

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    good one, LOL, the blue signs reminds me of the wife when we travel
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    Have you ever driven north on I-95 from Florida?

    It's just like Dan's photo only more so, and totally real.

    I'm talking about the "south of the border" tourist trap.
    "...It is advertised by hundreds of billboards along surrounding highways, starting 175 miles away. "

    (boy, did our kids complain when we didn't stop!)
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