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Thread: Oak HF with twisted finial

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    Oak HF with twisted finial

    I sent this one to my brother and sister-in-law. Red Oak, and the finial is exotic white pear, the lid is holly, both dyed black, and the threaded portion and collar are olivewood. Finished with WOP and buffed. C & C welcome.

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    Wow! And look at that nicely thread chased finial. Not sure what I'm more impressed with. The finial, the thread chasing, or the hollow form!

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    Great job Richard.

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    I Think this is even better than the Red bud you showed us a few days ago. The finial on this one is done with more elegance.
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    Very unique finial!
    Well done.

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    Richard, not only is your turning fantactic but those finals are just un belivable.
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    I agree with Mohammad...I like the finial better on this one. The curves seem to flow better. Great hollow form, too, and the threads are an extra added bonus. great work, Rick.
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    "Wow" is right!
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    I appreciate all of the comments. If you all don't mind I have two others I'd like to show and then I'll quit on these for a while. Thanks again.

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