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Thread: Moving wood

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    Moving wood

    Hey gang,
    with my upcoming migration, I'm pondering how it all will get from here to there...

    One of the largest 'things' I have to move is my lumber pile... which I'm pretty well planning on strapping down to my Dad's utility trailer (along with my TS & BS, benches etc... (Yes I'm counting on a dry trip...) I have this collection to move:

    and here of course is where all of that, plus my tools will wind up:

    I found out this weekend that while I've called that a carport, it really started out life as an enclosed garage. There was a flood back in the '50s and during the clean up my grandmother decided that having the carport and an open air patio was preferable to the enclosed garage.

    I'm planning on enclosing it again, putting windows up high on the west and north walls, with a pair of large hinged doors on the southern face, and a man-door on that wall as well.

    One thing which just popped into my head is the potential for insect 'migration' as well. Obviously to my knowledge I do not have any bugs in my wood currently, not at least in my lumber.

    In my turning stock however.. I'm not so sure... so I'll likely be having a give-away of the now 'fairly dry' blanks unless I miraculously manage to create a mountain of chips and have to move rough turned blanks instead.

    At least the snow has mostly gone and with spring arriving today, I at least have the potential to get out and enjoy the shop a little before the move.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ned Bulken View Post
    ...One thing which just popped into my head is the potential for insect 'migration' as well. ...
    Think about spraying it all down with Tim-Bor. It's a borate substance that you mix with water and apply with a pressure sprayer. It soaks in and dries, leaving no residue. It's toxic to bugs, but not to humans (I wouldn't drink it, though). You can get it on either Ebay or from Amazon.
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    You might want to consider covering your big tools. I hauled a piano home from Canton, OH - from my inlaws to my house. To keep it dry, we layed a tarp in the pick-up bed, loaded the piano on the tarp and wrapped the tarp up around the piano. The tarp was held by 200 MPH tape (duct tape - if its good enough for NASCAR, its good enough for your car). Then we took another tarp and put over the top - again held on by 200 MPH tape.

    I have also used this method hauling kiln dried lumber during the "rainy season" - that is the season when it is too cold to snow up here. This method works quite well. Also, consider putting some rust protectant on your tools.
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    Thanks Jijm!

    Upon further reflection, I'm thinking that the tools will get torn down and carried in the SUV, only the wood (which can get wet if absolutely 'required) will be out in the elements. it is a 480 mile trip, so some 'weather' is bound to happen on the way south.

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    I don't know how much turning wood you're talking about, but if you have a relatively small amount that you could enclose in some kind of container, or even under a tarp that you can seal down pretty well, you could put a bug bomb in there and leave it for 24 hours... just like when you have a house fumigated.... we often had to fumigate crates and boxes before we shipped to some countries... that's how we did it..
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