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Thread: DIY Dust DeputyŽ for only $39.00

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    DIY Dust DeputyŽ for only $39.00


    For a limited time, buy the plastic DIY Dust DeputyŽ for only $39.00! That's a $20.00 savings!
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    That's a pretty good deal. No way would I fool with a home-brew for $40. I have run the plastic one for over a year with nothing but great results. I was a skeptic when I got it for Christmas. Gotta admit it works as advertised, it really does.
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    Thanks Rennie for that heads up. I just ordered one. Been wanting one for a while but here they wanting a premium. With bucket BB wants $119.
    Now including freight i am paying $51.50 no bucket but thats only a few $$ at the local Home Hardware store.

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    Just to add too,

    I've got 2 and they work awesome! I have one hooked to a shopvac, the other to my festool vac. If I am doing a lot of very fine sanding I hook the DD's together to catch almost 100% of the superfine dust.

    Especially on the festool, these save me BIG bucks on bags ($7 each) and filters ($60)for the vac. I always use a bag in my vacs, keeps the filters cleaner and easier to clean out the vac, also better performance from the filter - better suction since it doesn't plug up as bad.

    If you don't have a DD, you can't go wrong. Just need a 2-5 gallon bucket and lid, some 1/4" bolts (if I remember right) and some silicon and you are good to go! (put the blue locktite on the bolts so they don't vibrate lose).

    I just used my DD on my shop vac to clean up rabbit hair from having to shave my rabbit, all went in the bucket and I didn't fill up my vac at all. (rabbit had a skin problem so took clippers to it so could put medicine on it, man, do they look ugly naked, almost as bad as i do)

    Thanks for the post Rennie, maybe I'll get another.

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    I see an order going in here as well, I wonder if they'll hold for pickup?

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    I love mine.!!
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