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Thread: Has anyone seen this?

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    Has anyone seen this?

    Has anyone seen this guy?

    He built a wooden band saw that looks pretty good.

    I actually bought the plans for this pantorouter jig. They are very detailed and extensively documented. Now I just have to build it.

    This section seems helpful.

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    I've used his gear generator for several years now. He has some really good ideas. Very intelligent young man.

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    Neat. I bookmarked it for the plans.
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    How to blow an entire afternoon

    Just look up woodgears' stuff on youtube. There are bunches of videos there, and you'll come away thinking he's probably one of the smartest dudes out there. I've thought about getting his bandsaw plans even though I already have a good 14" Delta, just so I can say I made it. That box joint cutting jig looks really good, too. I tend to like that joint, so I might as well have a good method of cutting them.


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