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Thread: Credit Card security check this out

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    Credit Card security check this out

    New RF Id security on credit cards.

    As a person who has been in this industry and manufactured readers for both RF ID and magnetic cards its easy to hack. I have witnessed my own engineers doing this in a matter of minutes.

    Take car out there with where you put you cards at risk.

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    My son-in law recently started a company that makes and sells rfid to big stores. pretty cool technology.

    I think NCIS had a show recently where a person was stealing credit card info with a scanner of some type. Kind of scary what technology can do
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    Our work badges use them for door access. Guess I'll go back to using cash
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    That's pretty funny! Not very efficient, but still funny!

    One off swipes like that are for amateurs. When they hit TJ Maxx, they got 45 million cards with a single hack. And they didn't have to walk by someone to do it!



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    I still find it pitiable that the whole RFID key fob or credit card chip thing didn't die an ugly death in the discussion stage. Like the capacitive physical contact CD player idea, some things just don't make sense and shouldn't go to market.

    Gee, wouldn't it be easier to get in my house if I just left the door unlocked? If I had my bank account number tattooed on my forehead, I wouldn't have to be bothered with all the "showing ID" stuff. Secure my wireless just because I do my home banking from my Barcalounger? That's for sissies.
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