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Thread: Kreg screw question..........

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    Kreg screw question..........

    I have the Kreg K3 Master kit. For the first time I changed the setting on my Kreg jig and moved it down to the 1/2" mark. I'm attaching 1/2" bb ply to 3/4" maple. The pocket holes are in the bb ply. When I insert the screws however, they don't seat within the plane of the plywood. It's like the pocket is too close to the face even though I drilled it on the 1/2" setting. I'm using the pan head screws, not the washer head ones. When the screws are tightened in place, the top side edge of the screw sticks out from just a tad on some screws to 3/32" on others.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Am I drilling too shallow (I did set the collar on the bit to the recommended position for 1/2" material)? I don't think that moving the jig to the 5/8" setting will work as the 1/2" bb ply has barely enough room now for the pocket.

    Or, maybe this is a limitation of the tool and that's just what you get when using 1/2" material?

    Any ideas?

    Thaks very much for your time and advice.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    i don't have the kreg you have, i have the more basic version, but i assume it is the same for all. check your directions but i know for my kreg system, you must not only change the actual jig, but also change the depth setting on the drill for the hole to be drilled to the proper depth. the directions should say this.

    if you have changed the drill bit already then ignore my advice and hopefully someone else has a better idea.

    good luck

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