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Thread: beech vase

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    beech vase

    Wasn't gonna post this as i can't seem to get a good pic, but what the heck. Was taking pics of the box for the swap and decided to get some shots of this also. the box pics came out looking good but for some reason i can't seem to get a good one of this no matter what. I bet i took 20 pics of this and these are the best that came out. Might need to invest in some more lights? The finial had a lot more detail than is being shown here. Size wise is 9 1/2x3" all C& C welcome.
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    Very nice !!
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    Great looking piece Stephen!
    Lots of nice looking grain and color.
    I like your contrasting finial.
    Well done.
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    Vase looks fine, I like.
    But the finial thingy on top just doesn't seem to go with it in my eyes. The vase can stand alone as an art item, IMHO.
    Yes, more light would sure help.
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    I think the finial goes nicely with the rest of the piece. Good work.
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    That's a great looking form Steve!!! But I really like the finial I really like...what did you make it from?
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    Put me in the 'like the finial' camp. Love the whole thing, actually...

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    Wow Steve, I think you knocked this one outa the park. I like everything about it.

    On the photo thing, you might try setting the exposure compensation (often called EV) on your camera one or two notches above zero to see if it'll lighten things up a bit. A 0.3 to 1.0 exposure compensation would probably make the things a bit more visible on the finial.
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    I have to agree. That is one nice looking piece. Well done.
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    LOML always tells me that I like sharp and pointed things, looking a this I believe it is true because I love it! Thanks for posting it.
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