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Thread: Tornado in Greenback, TN

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    Tornado in Greenback, TN

    We had a tornado go through Greenback, TN on Wednesday night... about 20-25 miles north of me. Over 25 houses damaged, several barns and a boat yard... luckily no serious injuries. One man's house was moved off it's foundation and dropped across a 4 lane highway... luckily he was at work and not home.

    We were just through Greenback on Wednesday afternoon about 5 pm... just a few hours before the storm when I had to take my lathe to a repairman in Alcoa... meeting him half way between my house and his.

    We got only a little rain and some wind at our place... nothing like the news showed at Greenback.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Good to hear no serious injuries. I guess it's getting to be that season here too. This will be the first house I've had in a while without a basement, so guess I need to be thinking about what to do. Not the type of reminder I prefer though.

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    #1 rule living in a place named Kansas...Don't have a dog named Toto and you'll be fine!

    I was in a tornado when I was a kid in Dickinson, ND. My brother and I were playing out in the rain and wind, then hail 1/2 size of golf balls started coming down. Mom screamed at us to get our butts in the house. We lived next to a trailer court and we had the only basement. Everybody was there in our basement (of course they brought their little dogs and cats so it was 'fun'.) I saw the funnel cloud, but it didn't touch down inside of town, waited till it got over the farmlands then played around out there.

    Whats up with the world recently, it's like it's got an ich it's trying to scratch or something.

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