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Thread: Wagoner texturing tool

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    Wagoner texturing tool

    New guy here.... Anyone had any experience with the wagoner texturing tool?
    How have you used it and is it worth the time to mess with. I turn small smaller stuff and it looks like it would be pretty neat. Thanks, gary

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    Hi New Guy
    I really enjoy it. Of course it's not meant for everything, but on confetti candles, potpourri pots, really adds a lot. Add a beaded border, burned grove or even an inlay border or use the texture tool for a border. A little more uniform than a chatter tool. Bye New Guy
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    Gary I use two of them. I use them the same as Jim and also to make my acorn mini-birdhouses actually look like acorns. I like them a lot. I bought a Sorby texturing tool at a auction and find myself going to the Wagner's most times.
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