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Thread: What do you think Animals in a Circus

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    What do you think Animals in a Circus

    Got home and started doing some research on web for Dad. Came across this video of an Elephant in a Uk Circus being abused.

    Could not believe my eyes. Would love to get hold of one of those "handlers" and tie the guy up by chain and teach him a few lessons.

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    Here in the US, most of the rodeo/circus animals are very expensive and are cared for better than my own team and saddle horse. They have vet visits regular due to crossing state lines, keeping them physically able to perform, etc. Animal abuse whereever, whenever, is not acceptable. But, and this is a big BUT, abuse is in the eye of the beholder (not discussing the video). I have had city folk stop and accuse me of abusing my team because we were spreading manure on a hot day. Could not get it across to the folks I forked the manure into the spreader by hand, they the team actually enjoyed it as I never set the web to feed fast.

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    It seems that the video has been removed Rob. But I can imagine what was on it.

    Being born in a country where animals are used and abused in hundred different ways with the only justification of " tradition" and where this issue raises real pro and against movements both supported by certain politicians I'd rather step aside of this debate that has many ramifications.
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