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Thread: Vista Print scam

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    Vista Print scam

    I recently ordered and received some 'free' business cards from Vista Print. To get the cards I had to pay shipping using a debit/credit card. Today, while reviewing my Pay Pal account, I noticed a $14.95 charge by Vista Print. I called and after wading through a tiresome automated telephone menu finally got a person. He said that was for my "membership". I said I never bought or agreed to a membership and he readily agreed to cancel and refund my money. I'm sure charges like this get by many people and that is how they can afford to offer 'free' cards. I had intended to purchase cards in the future but not now. If you have ever gotten 'free' cards from VP check your account charges, you may have money coming back.

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    Sorry for your problem and thanks for the heads-up, Frank. I have been buying my Business cards from them for about five years. I now get the premium card as I have the back printed with information.

    While their Emails get a little heavy (I just delete them till I need more cards), I have had no trouble with them. I Will be checking into this "Membership" before ordering again. (That will be in about 3 years, since I bought a bunch last time.)


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