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Thread: It's Friday Gang

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    It's Friday Gang

    Once again Don has overslept

    So what's planned?
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    Kitchen, kitchen, church, kitchen.
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    catching up on house chores and cleaning up my shop. It looks like a pawn shop in there--stuff everywhere. Now that The Box is shipped I can relax! Yesterday was Glassman's birthday, so I think we'll go out for dinner tomorrow night....
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    Supposed to be heading down to the farm in Va with a tiller. I have 4 food plots to get ready and me thinks the ground is just a little wet. So Probably be in the shop tomorrow and Sunday church followed by a long awaited discussion will be happening about opening up a School of Finishing. A college buddy who is also a top notch finisher will be by Sunday afternoon or Monday and we are hoping to make it happen after years of talking about it.
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    Mostly shop time on Saturday. Making a flag/display case for my son and a jewelry box for my daughter (for some reason I'm in the box making mood )
    Finishing up plans for the bed for my grandson.

    Sunday church then Sunday dinner. Maybe some shop time after that.
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    Continue working on the rolling kitchen island for the neice. Got the carcase, drawer boxes, lift, and butcher-block top done. Gotta start on panels and doors now.
    Jim D.
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    how bout some of you guys sharing those builds/projects and posting up some stuff. would love to see different things.

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    Outside stuff. Need to get the irrigation tank patched, pump replaced, filled, etc...

    Spray weeds if it doesn't rain, if it does grade the driveway.

    If I can get that done, maybe some drawers for the shop.

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    First pass at taxes (ugh). Otherwise all outside stuff to start getting garden beds ready. All depends on weather as to how much inside vs. outside

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    casino run with wife and sis in law, for the wife's bday (yesterday), then work on project for a coworker.
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