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Thread: Jointer blade sharpening jig...

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    Jointer blade sharpening jig...

    Here is a simple and quick jig I made for sharpening my jointer blades. I have the double sided knives, jury is still out on them for me. I did not have the time to have them sharpened and I don't have a fancy system for sharpening said critters (yet) so this is what I came up with...

    1st pic it blade on jig on my DMT stone.

    2nd pic id of blades and jig.

    I cut the jig to give me a 55 degree angle on the blade. This has greatly reduced, basically eliminated all tearout. I glued 2 - 3/4" magnets into the block to hold the blade. I cut an extra hole in case I would need a 3rd magnet, but don't need one.

    Pic 3 blades and underside of jig (made out of scrap cherry, magnets glued in with system3 5min epoxy)

    The curfs cut in the bottom are just to help remove the stiction on the bottom of the jig on the stone.

    All total, 1 hour to make the jig, sharpen the blades and put back on the machine. Beats 3-5 days with out a jointer and I was able to keep the blades within .0005 flatness as long as I was careful to keep the strokes consistent across the blade.

    I used a coarse stone and then lapped the back with a fine stone to remove the bur. If I would not have been in a hurry I would have used a finer stone on the blade but it cuts great and leaves a surface almost ready for finish. If I would have used a finer stone you could go straight to finish.

    Maybe this will help someone else and you can improve on my design!
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    Nice, Another great use for Rare Earth Magnets.. I love those things...

    Favorite part of the post? The use of the word 'stiction'...

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