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Thread: 50 Caliber Click Pen

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    50 Caliber Click Pen

    Used the Clicker Assembly From a Gold Longwood Click Ballpoint Pen Kit.
    Brass casing and copper/aluminum projectile cleaned with liquid Brasso, polished with FLITZ and applied 4 coats of lacquer.
    Pull the projectile out of the casing neck to access the refill.


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    That great I love the use of the firing pin as the clicker..
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    That is the coolist idea Les...those are gonna sell like hotcakes!!
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    That is just to cool Les. Really nice pen.
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    Very cool Les!

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    WOW! Nice job Les.
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    Les....I have about 30 spent 50 Cal cartridges that my dad brought home after the Korean war. If you want them I will mail them. I even have the belt pieces that held them together. Just PM me.

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    That's Coooooolll
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    Very cool pen. I like the firing pin as the clicker too.

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