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Thread: for the gun enthusiasts

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    for the gun enthusiasts

    My nephew is in law enforcement and has been nudging me to go shooting with him.
    I gave in yesterday and headed off to the range with him only to shoot my glock at close range(20-25 feet) to make sure I keep my edge with it just in case god forbid I have to use it to protect me or my family.

    Next to our point, was a court officer training another court officer.
    Just so happens they were shooting the big glock, and the officer in training couldnt hit the entire paper target(the coke bottle targets, or silhouette, whatever they call it) at 20 feet.
    My nephew carries the same gun. We said hi, I mentioned I havent shot a pistol in almost a year, so with my poor vision lately I was a bit intimidated by 3 officers watching me load and shoot. I shot 2 ten round mags out of my gun, no flyers, all within a 4 inch group(25 feet), 8 rounds out of my nephews service glock, 4 inch group, and 10 rounds out of his smaller carry glock, another 3-4 inch group. I impressed the heck out of all three of them, even think I embarrassed the officer who couldnt shoot straight, and then I got to make fun of my nephew because my groups were better than his with his new baby glock. He claims hes required to have a 6 or 7 lb trigger pull and my glock is only around 3 lbs. Whatever.

    (I never understood why Ive always been a decent shot, I rarely practice, and my hands arent that strong anymore, but my aim is always spot on)

    Then he broke out a brand new rubber stocked Remington 700, a gun which Ive never fired. And a fairly new AR 15, .223 (I never knew the indoor range let us shoot high powered rifle rounds, but no full metal jackets, only soft rounds, but its still pretty cool we didnt have to drive another 60 miles out east to the outdoor ranges)
    The AR 15 was ok, but Ive shot many of them in my time.
    The 308 remington, with a scope, was a trip, but we only had 100 feet to range end.
    I popped off 3 rounds,(Im not a bit fan of bolt action rifles) all three hit the 3 inch black outer rings on his targets, he was super impressed. I had to stop shooting the scoped rifle because it was a horrible strain on my eyes at that point.
    I think we embarrassed the officer who was training. Poor thing, she couldnt get a grip on shooting straight, and she seemed like she was trying hard.
    I believe to qualify they only need 175 points out of 250, so I hope she makes it soon.

    I think this might be a regular thing now, since he goes shooting with all his cop friends and they want me to tag along and bring what few handguns I have left.

    It was nice to spend the day with my nephew, chat, go for lunch, so I think if shooting is his thing, Ill go with the boys and give it a whirl.
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    Sounds like a fun day Allen! I need to head out to the desert and sight a few things in. My dad is coming out soon, so that sounds like a plan...

    Thanks for the reminder!

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    Very cool. Her problem may be the same as mine. I do reasonably well on my own, but get an audience around, and the barn is safe

    And the guys wonder why I like to go off on my own when hunting and get mad when the goose headed for them falls from the sky before it gets to them

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    sounds like a lot of fun, Allen. I haven't gone shooting in years, but did lots in my day.....pistols, rifles, skeet. It's more complicated up here to have guns, especially handguns, so I've let it go......
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    Sounds like a great day. Allen. I'll bet your nephew got as big of kick out of it as you did.

    My dad will be 81 this month, and he can still outshoot most of the people at the range. When he signed up for CCW classes a couple years ago with my sister and her husband, the instructor took my sis aside after the first classroom session and expressed his concerns about my dad being able to handle a gun. (He's a bit shaky on his feet, and sometimes walks with a cane.) After the first class session at the range, the instructor took my sis aside again and said he no longer had any worries about my dad. He was holding tighter groups than the instructor. Watching him shoot, you can see the barrel moving around as he aims, but he manages to pull the trigger at the just right spot consistently.

    I went shooting with him when I went home for Christmas, and he was trying out a new S&W .44 magnum revolver. He ran the target out to 50 feet (the max at that indoor range), and was hitting the black of a round NRA .22 caliber target consistently. When it was my turn to try his new gun, I stopped the target at 25 feet. I was just loading up to shoot when he called me a pansy, so I hit the switch and ran it all the way out to the end like he did. I stayed on the target, but didn't hold as tight of groups as him.

    I'm surprised they let you shoot the .308 at an indoor range, but I guess different places have different rules. I was pretty amazed at the indoor range in Albuquerque when the people a couple lanes over started shooting a full auto rifle. They pretty much shredded a "bad guy" picture target. I noticed later that the range had various full autos for rent.

    As an aside, I was pleasantly surprised to see how comfortably my dad's new .44 mag shot. (It has a ported barrel, so it doesn't kick nearly as bad as other .44 mags I've shot.) I mentioned this to him, and as we were leaving the range he handed me the box the gun was in and said I should take it home...he figured he had plenty of other revolvers in his safe. So now I have my very own stainless steel S&W "Dirty Harry" gun to go with the collection.
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    That must of been a real fun day Allen

    I can do target shooting and plinking in my own yard but one day a couple of years ago my son took me to the indoor range in Manchester, NH. We put a dozen mags through a Thompson plus some other full auto weapons. What a blast
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    Allen - good on you - I'm proud of you.

    Vaughn, your story about your dad....

    - wait for it -

    made my day.

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    I like your dad Vaughn. He can come shooting with us when hes on this side of the country.

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    Good on you Allen, glad you had a good time.
    As for the lady officer in training. To some this might sound sexist but it is only fact based on my experience. From what I have seen, most women who did not grow up with guns have a fear of recoil. If they are started shooting with larger calibers they usually have a serious case of the flinchies. That is very difficult to train away. The best way to start them is with .22 rimfire guns. But, allow them to dry fire for a while before even loading. Then, with live .22 ammo teach the basics and work up from there. In fact women are often superior shooters to many men. Women, for whatever reason, do not feel the competitive pressure men do and focus on shooting technique and the bullseye.
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    Sounds like a great day Allen. I try to get to the range at least twice a month, should be easier after the first of the month when they start staying open later around here. I don't have any close to where I live now, so I'm having to go after work, but at least it frees up my weekend.

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