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Thread: PSI Pocket Jig..$25 Off and free shipping...

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    PSI Pocket Jig..$25 Off and free shipping...

    For those interested... Looks like a good deal on the metal jig.

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    I've got that jig, and it's a good deal at full price. 25% off is even better.
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    And, for those of us in Canada, a jig which looks identical, but which is sold in a wooden box, without the frame face clamp and with 100 screws instead of 150 is on sale at Busy Bee for $55CDN + shipping and taxes.


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    I have that jig also and it is solid. It is funny how they do things. When I bought mine a few months ago it was the one in a wooden box likeJohn is talking about for the Canadians but included the clamp and some screws. The only reason that I bought it was that they had it on sale for $49.00 and I figured what the heck. I had never made a pocket hole in my life but I am glad that I picked it up as it really comes in handy sometimes.

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