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Thread: original mini shaper?

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    original mini shaper?

    While digging around my 'stuff' looking for router parts, I found the original owners manual. Very oil soaked but still intact in a plastic bag.
    Reading it I found a reference to using the PC Model 5004 mini shaper. This pic accompanied the paragraph. Hard to tell if it is a router with shaper mountings or is a dedicated unit. They also say you can use the router for these tasks.
    I often laugh when I take out my Grizzly mini shaper but, fact is, it has proven to be a hard working and very useful tool. If I didn't this one, I would buy one.
    But if the 5004 is a dedicated mini shaper it seems Grizzly was not the first with the idea.
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    That set up looks like it would fly off the workbench
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    It looks to me it is the router mounted upside down. I'm guilty of doing it a couple of times, taking all the precautions, but it doesn't feel safe.
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    That looks like it may have been an accessory to a PC router that would "convert" it into a mini shaper. Not sure though, I'd have to do some research. Cool though.
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