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Thread: Wedding Pens for the Preacher

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    Wedding Pens for the Preacher

    A preacher buddy of mine asked me to make a few pens for him. He likes to use a nice pen to sign the paperwork after wedding ceremonies, then give it to the newly betrothed as a memento of the day. (I'm still trying to figure out why he came to me, since he likes nice pens.)

    Between the two of us, we picked a new (to me) pen kit...something kinda fancy, seeing as how they're for weddings and all that. We settled on the Apollo Infinity kit from Penn State. Turns out they make a great-looking pen, but they're a bear to turn successfully, since the wood on the brass tubes ends up REAL thin on the smaller tube. I think it took me over a dozen pen blanks to end up with five semi-presentable pens. Of course someone who turns pens coulda probably done it with ten. :lol:

    Here's what got shipped east today. The silver hardware is rhodium plated, and the gold is gold titanium plated. For some reason, the photos look grainier than the pens do in person. (Particularly the lavender box elder and the amboyna burl.) I'm hoping he likes them when he sees them...

    Dyed Box Elder...

    Amboyna Burl...


    More Dyed Box Elder...

    And yet even More Dyed Box Elder...

    C&C, as well as general heckling and snickering, is welcome.
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    Very elegant pens. The wood really sets off the plating. Going to be some great gifts. Kind of makes you want to run out and get married!
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    Very nice Vaughn
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    [QUOTE=Vaughn McMillan;278948]

    C&C, as well as general heckling and snickering, is welcome.
    Hi Vaughn; I don't happen to see anything worth heckling or snickering about!

    A nice grouping of pens as well as a great looking pen. They are on my to-do list as of now!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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    It feels even greater to give one to a friend!

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    That's a pretty cool looking kit you picked out there Vaughn!

    Love that dyed box elder...

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    Very nice. Everyone will love them.

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    Pens for the preacher....Hmmm, a strong penchant, seeking penance to avoid penalty for past penitence, keeps penetrating my thoughts...hope I don't get penalized for attempting to penetrate any pending penumbra of your past

    BTW, your penmanship is penthouse salacious...

    Yes I hear you saying 'put the pencil down'... and yer right, I may be sick, I'm off to receive some penicillin

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    All fine and well done. Elegant styles.
    Glad you commented on the platings. I have long shunned PSI pen kits because of problems with their platings not holding up and them not stating exactly what the platings were. I'll take a new look at their offerings.
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    I aim to please, so let's see...
    Snickering: Sorry, can't oblige you there

    General Heckling: You must be right-handed. How come none of the pens are allowed to point down and to the left?

    C&C: I've said it before, I'll say it again ... How come newlyweds get all the best stuff?
    Great job Vaughn!

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