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Thread: open grain vs. closed grain hardwoods

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    open grain vs. closed grain hardwoods

    Do you have a clear preference for one or the other? Do you really hate finishing open grained stuff? How about working with one or the other....
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    I look for visual beauty more than tactile... but I admit that finishing red oak can be a bit of a pain.
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    For me it doesn't matter. The pecan I used for my kitchen is open grained and I left it like that. To me it adds something to the finished piece when you can see the grain pattern in the reflection of the finish. It finishes no different than closed grained wood and is just as easy to finish. Others believe it needs to be filled to make it glass smooth.

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    The extra work needed to finish open grain wood does not bother me much. As long as the wod has the charactor I need for the project it will get used. Usally two coats of sealer closes up the pores.

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