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Thread: Woodworking Supply Websites

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    Woodworking Supply Websites

    Perhaps this has been done before on FW but I am just getting back into woodturning/woodworking. I think there are others like me. Knowledgeable members often refer to different sites. I always check them and slowly I am building a list of good suppliers. Of course, I know Woodcraft, Rockler, etc. but there are many out there that have good value.

    If there is interest it might be good for members to post their favorite sites and a short review on what is good about them. This should build a really good list we can all use. Just an idea.

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    Well, others more experienced than me will have their say, but I've had very good experiences with Packard Woodworks. I've ordered a few things from them and been very happy. It's always more complicated for me because I'm usually shipping into Canada. They sent me exactly what I wanted and were very responsive back and forth by email. What I ordered arrived in perfect condition.

    I've ordered from Highland Woodworking too. They were not quite as responsive as Packard, but I did finally get my stuff in perfect condition.

    I really like Wood Essence in Canada for finishing products. Good selection of unusual things and very responsive.

    Lee Valley sets the standard for great service and great stuff. I order from them regularly.
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    Cynthia named the main ones I was thinking of. There's also Craft Supplies USA (for turning stuff) and Penn State Industries.

    Although it leans toward the woodturning-related sites, Ron Sardo over at Woodturner's Resource has complied a pretty impressive Resource Listing.
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