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Thread: unfortunate incident at the circus

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    unfortunate incident at the circus

    Last night, at our Shrine club circus, just before the start of the 5 p.m., a man came running out of the big top carrying his three year old daughter in his arms. She was completely limp. He asked for help. A couple of our guys helped him over to the gate where a Sheriff's deputy had a car. I called 911. In a few minutes two ambulances showed up. Not much later a helicopter was circling and finally landed. Official report was she stepped on a toy, tripped and hit her chin on the bleacher knocking her unconscious. In the ambulance they found some paralysis. The father did say she has a history of seizures. Usually the helicopter takes patients to a hospital in Springfield, MO when it is considered more than our local hospital can handle. This was a pretty upsetting experience for us, and much-much worse for the parents, I'm sure.
    We have about six thousand people in and out at our circuses and this is our 20Th year putting them on. This is the first incident like this I can recall. Good record but still sad for the people involved.
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    Dang, don't know what else to say other than I hope she will be alright.
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    Don't need that kind of excitement Hope she is OK.
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    I hope she's okay too. What a bummer. Definitely casts a pall on the evening.
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    That's sad news Frank let us hope she is OK
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    Sad news for sure, Frank. We are praying that she will be okay.

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