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    Loving my new phone.

    Just thought I would post a few things I've learned for any other Droid users out there. Feel free to tack on any tips you might have

    • Forum Access (For places like FWW)
      I've downloaded both Forum Runner and TapaTalk. I think I really prefer TapaTalk better. The interface seems a little cleaner to me, seems a little easier to use and to reply to messages.

      Also, Forum runner seems to have issues displaying pictures. I've not noticed that problem at all with Tapatalk.
    • Free Apps
      Check out the Amazon Apps Store. They give out a free paid app every day. I don't generally download the games, but there have been a few really cool ones.
    • Entering Text
      Amazon App store gave away the SwiftKey entry keyboard app ($1.99). It supposedly learns the words you type in and gets better at guessing what your next word will be before you key it in. It's starting to get to know me and it's working pretty good.
    • Entering Text by Voice
      I never really used the standard keyboard much, but with the swiftkey, there is a microphone icon at the bottom. I played around with it today and I was really surprised at how well it worked at doing the talk to text thing. It's not perfect, but it makes it easier to enter text without having to peck at the screen.
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    I need to give TapaTalk another try on my iPhone. I've not used it for a while, but it sounds like it has improved since I used it last. I've generally been happy with Forum Runner, although lately it seems to crash more and more.

    For voice to text, I've got Dragon Dictation. It was free, and seems to work pretty good.
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    AT&T isn't allowing Droid users to acess Amazon to date. They are against the Android platform so any hope of AT&T users getting the amazon app store access is about 5 Christmas's away.
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    I've been having the image issue with forum runner as well, need to check into that and see if we just need to do an upgrade or something. I have only been using it to check poll results as tapatalk doesn't seem to support them.

    Will have to check out the amazon store.

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