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Thread: Good Prices / Free Shipping???

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    Good Prices / Free Shipping???

    For those of you with the DowelMax or other dowel jigs, I think I have found a good source for dowel pins.
    I have spent a Long-g-g-g-g time today looking.

    This place beats Grizzly's bag of 500 3/8" X 1-1/2" for $12.95 plus $7.70 shipping. Which was the cheapest I found until today. If you order two bags from Grizzly the shipping doubles.

    The more you buy at Woodworks, Ltd. the less they are. The down side is they are in 100 count bags. At $1.45 a bag that makes 500 count $7.25 with free shipping.
    I just ordered "6000" of them for $87.00 I have some cabinets to build.

    Hope this does someone some good


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    Thanks, Don... Great prices. I've got it bookmarked.

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    Looks like a good deal, Don. I can tell by your recent pics you've been a dowelin' son of a gun lately. You sure 6,000 will be enough?

    BTW, I moved this thread, since I figured it was more of a Hot Deal than a Design, Plan or Sketch.
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    Thanks for the move Vaughn. I was hoping if I was wrong, someone would teach me. I'll know next time.


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