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Thread: Your favorite shop activity

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    Your favorite shop activity

    I was just thinking today about what I liked to do most in the shop.

    My favorite activity is thickness planing. Not much in the way of skill or effort involved. Its pretty much just repetitious work but I get to watch the wood as it changes from a rough, splintered plank to the smooth finished board it really is.

    I like watching the transformation and it gives me a simple pleasure watching the character of the wood finally emerge at the other end of the planer, smoother and lighter than its heavy, rough previous condition. There is an analogy to life somewhere in there I think.

    One day I will master the art of hand planing and experience the pleasure first hand.

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    Hmmmmmm, my most favorite activity, building memories. Be it talking with a friend or friends or even the actual building process of some item.
    Look forward to reading the answers to the unique question you posted.

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    Hearing one of my Organs for the first time
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    Being buried in fresh/wet curlies at the lathe...hmmmm maybe I should take the afternoon off?
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    Just being in there making or repairing things. Being alone and doing something with my hands is relaxing and theraputic.
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    I like the stage when you begin to put pieces together. When you've done a lot of planning, made lots of cuts, and you begin to see something take shape. It's like you've designed your own jigsaw puzzle and then you solve it.
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    I like working on the lathe, much for the same reasons. Take a chunk of wood and try to turn it into something. You never really know what is inside that wood.
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    Coming back from Costco and loading my shop fridge with Sierra Nevada...and a water.
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    I'm with Frank on this one.

    Just being out there I enjoy. Whether its cleaning it, organizing, or actually working on a project. I just enjoy the time spent out there actually making something.

    So much of my time is spent in the 'virtual' world working, that I enjoy someplace where the outcome is something tangible and real. Just being able to create something and see it is what I enjoy.
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    Most everything about building one of my boats. I just love the whole process. My least favorite part is cutting out the frames but even that isn't bad. Just a be repetitious.

    But, standing back and seeing the boat take shape (literally), from parts to looking like a boat.... that is sweet moment.
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