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Thread: New table saw and Bandsaw in the near future...

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    New table saw and Bandsaw in the near future...


    I posted in another thread that my table saw went up in smoke (literally). So I will be getting either a Unisaw or Sawstop. Heavily leaning toward Sawstop. I like the safety, but in just comparing saw to saw, it looks like the SS is built a little beefier. Still deciding.

    I asked a while ago on a Laguna 18 and was seriously going to purchase an 18 with 6hp motor, but the sales guy I originally was dealing with (who no longer works there) just made me have nightmares of future customer service.(the CS issue with them across the internet just still makes me gunshy even though they have a very good bandsaw).

    I have decided on a MM24 bandsaw. I talked with Sam (who has been very helpful and straight forward with my questions, and answers them in a timely manner ok, and with patience!) and I have scoured the internet for information on every bandsaw I could find. The Laguna and other italian saws are great. I did not hear any real complaints. I want to buy a saw once and call it good for the rest of my life basically. The MM24 fits all my needs now and in the future and is one of the best saws I have found in all the comparisons of specs etc.

    My question is this though in regards to the band saw, could a bandsaw replace a table saw for the majority of cuts? I know there are things one can do the other can't, but if you had the table saw and bandsaw of these sizes, which would you use as your main go to saw for the majority of your cuts? Or is it just personal preference?

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    These are the two pieces of equipment in my shop that I also want to upgrade. I use both of them not equally as much but enough to say I wouldn't want to do without either. That said though, for me the TS is the hands down go to. I like the new unis and the sawstop.

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    I can dry a lot more roughed-out bowls on the tablesaw than the bandsaw, so it'd have to stay.

    Seriously, a lot depends on what you are building, but when you start getting into the 24" Italian saws, I'd think you're approaching a bandsaw that can do a lot of the typical tablesaw cuts like ripping, but still don't think it'd have the accuracy or repeatability that a well-tuned tablesaw can offer.

    That said, for the work I typically do I'd rather have a 24" Mini Max bandsaw and my Ridgid contractor saw (with an Incra fence) than have a great cabinet saw like the SawStop or Unisaw and my 14" Shop Fox bandsaw.

    Of course if I could have both the MM and the SS, I'd be a very happy camper. I agree with your philosophy on buying your last [fill in the blank] next. I've done that with my last few major tool purchases, and haven't regretted it yet.
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    There alot of shops that use the bs in place of the ts. n my shop the bs gets 10x more use then thets. It easeir to rip boards down, use it to make tennons. The cut quality depends on the way the saw is cut up, quality of blad and feed rate.

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    A bandsaw is a blessing and I use it more than I thought I would (I now have 2). For anything prescision, the tablesaw is a must in my shop.
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    The bandsaw has to be the #1 'go to' tool in my shop. Indispensable. But, I don't do much flatwork. If I did the table saw would see a lot more action.
    BTW, when I was bandsaw shopping, and later for a lathe, I called Laguna. The relentlessness and frequency of annoying phone calls from sales staff led me to believe they work on commission. Nothing wrong with that but their style did give me pause with regards to their truthfulness for claims about the Laguna tools. And, enough is said here, and elsewhere, about poor customer service that I will never consider that brand again if the need arises.
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    I find the 2 saws work for me as a team.

    I think they both have their place in a well rounded woodshop if you are going to do a mixed bag of woodworking.

    If money is the deciding factor, only you can make that decision.

    What I do agree with others is that you should purchase a machine that you will not have to replace any time soon.

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    When buying tools or anything, I use a simply approach. Buy once, cry once. I buy the best I can and try to only buy it once.
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    I use my table saw more than my bandsaw by far, I have a sawstop 3HP PCS and I really like it, I looked a little at the unisaw, but they are about the same price, sawstop is equal or better build quality and it has the safety system. I have a 3 year old son and 3 year old nephew that run around here and so I thought the safety system just became that much more important.

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    I'm taking it that you talked to Sam Blasco? If so then take a look at this thread he posted a while back. I find myself going to the band saw to ripp my hardwood to rough size for the joiner and surface planer. Less waste and much safer.

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