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Thread: Some rotten wood

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    Some rotten wood

    This is a pic of some rotten box elder. Never turned any before so didn't know what to expect. A guy at work brought me a small load of it and this is the first of it to be turned. It seems like it rotts right on the lathe. is this typical? Maybe it was just about gone when he brought it to me, as it was hollow in the middle already. O well i think it turned out all right just a pain as it kept wanting to fall apart. All C&C welcome as always.
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    Man that piece looks like it was just pulled from the bottom of the ocean or from some great archeological dig somewhere AWESOME is my thought on it and glad it didn't explode on ya cause that is real nice

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    Man that ain't gonna hold much water!
    But it sure is pretty and one fantastic piece of art!
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    Add some plastic sheeting and you can put some kool-aid in there!! Nice looking chunk dude...just need some pyro!! Glad it didn't fly apart on ya!
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    Your skills are obvious. Lookin' good.
    Careful, I think it might leak on ye.
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    Some rotten wood

    WOW that is awesome,I just love that stuff,you done made that wood proud
    May God Bless

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    steve to get it to stay together as it is now was a accomplishment in it self.. you done good for sure!!
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    Steve you done that piece proud. Really nicely done and to keep it together had to be a feat in itself.
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    Thanks all. I did have a big problem with this piece. on the last pic at the top you can see where the bark goes in a U shape? Well that did blow off. I got lucky as it came off clean, so i was able to glue it back on. Also i wanted to go a little thinner but didn't dare as it was wanting to blow apart. Jim coun't do any burning on this as there wasn't much left.

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    Wow! Not only did you succeed in turning a really challenging piece of wood, but you managed to pull out a very clean form out of it. The curves look spot on to my eyes (at least in the places where you have enough wood to make curves). I can understand not wanting to go thinner.
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