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Thread: Have to log in each time

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    Have to log in each time

    Why do I have to log in to the forums every day? When I log in, I always click the "remember me" box. If I come back to the forum that day, I'm OK. I'm still logged in. But if I wait, and come back tomorrow, I'll have to log in again. It's no big deal, really. But this seems to have just started. I use to log in, and no matter when I came back, I was still logged in.



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    Jim, is your computer set up to dump cookies everyday? That might do it. I know when I go through and dump cookies every-once-in-a-while, I have to log into all the forums again. You might look at that and see. Jim.
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    Correct. This is your browser settings overriding the forum "Remember Me" check box.
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    Or do you have a cookie blocker running?
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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. But the answer in no to both. No cookie blockers, and I don't dump cookies at the end of the day. It's odd. I don't hve to log in to other forums ever. That is unless I do delete a bunch of cookies. I don't know. Like I said. It's no big deal. Thought I might have a setting wrong in the user CP settings or something.

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    Jim, are you on a Mac? I'm on a Mac and I have the same problem here. There are lots of other sites that have no problem remembering my log in info, but it doesn't work here....
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    I have the same problem as well.
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    Cynthia..No, I'm on a PC. BTW..I didn't have to log on this morning. Seems like a hit and miss thing. I have my computer scan for viruses every night. I guess there could be times that it deletes a cookie or something.

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