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Thread: Homemade Bowl Coring Tool

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    Homemade Bowl Coring Tool

    I have been contemplating building a bowl coring tool. My original thought was to make something like the Mcnaughton tool. However, I came across a video on youtube that might be of interest. It's noting like the Mcnaughton tool, but it is very nice. Take a look at it and let me know what you think:

    It looks fairly easy to make if you can bend metal. It looks like both the cutting blade and the support underneath are the same ark. I think that they are simply 1/4's of a circle.

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    Crude but it works for him. Bad camera placement, hides most of the cutting action. He likes to put his hands where they don't belong while lathe is running. As his bandaged left thumb attests.
    Seems like he used a lot of muscle to do the cutting. I would think the tool should do most of the work. But, who am I to say? He made the thing, I didn't.
    What was with the hammering part?
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    I certainly think that a DIY version could be made, but, the system shown there is a LOT like the Oneway unit, or the "Bowl Saver" I think it is called

    What I'm saying is that maybe your time would be better spent turning than building a tool that might take a LOT of work to get right?

    If you do build one, I know I'll enjoy watching the build!
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    Thanks for your responses. I like this a little better then the Oneway. Actualy, I think your video is the woodcut version. I really like to make my own tools whenever possible. I just finished making an articulated hollowing rig like the monster tool. That only took a few hours and cost less then $40 to make myself. We'll see...

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    I have the oneway system and love it. Learning curve is easier or was for me. I think you could build one but might be a little tougher than the artculating arm unit. I like building tools but like Stu I would rather be turning.
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