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Thread: Random Orbit sander reccomendations

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    Random Orbit sander reccomendations

    I need to get a ROS, I have used the dewalt 5" from lowes and it seems fine, except that the hook wants to pull off the pad. Something on the quieter side would be nice, and under $75-100

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    I have a Makita 5" that I have been using for probably eight years with no problem at all I also have an older PC 333 that works well. If I was buying new I would look at Bosch personally. I am a big Bosch fan.

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    I have a 5" and 6" RO that I really like that are Bosch. I didn't pay too much for them, but def a couple of the best sanders I've used for dust pickup, vibration, and quality of job.

    The other recomendation would be the Festool sanders which I now use, but these are out of your price range that you has stated!
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    i agree with brian on the bosch sanders dust collection and one suggestion i would do is to get a PSA pad for them if they dont come with one.. PSA paper gets a flatter surface and makes more use of the abrasive
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    I've had a Porter Cable 5" ro sander for at least 12 years. One of the most used and dependable tools I own.
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    I have a Festool 6 inch. Good sander, but I hate their paper (although Klingspor now has good alternatives.)

    I used two Makita 5" sanders to the point of wearing them out; had them both rebuilt, and they are dying again. They were great, fairly aggressive, no hand (vibration) problems, fairly quiet.

    I got a Porter Cable 5 inch about $50. Okay, but I am not really fond of it... not sure why.

    I got a Bosch 5 inch variable speed, about $75 from Lowes. It is now my favorite.
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    I have a milwaukee 5", runs around $60 on amazon and like it alot. Nothing special, but it was a big step up from a ryobi

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    I have a Bosch ROS20VS. The dust filter is absolutely amazing. It is quieter than my other unit (It was a gift. I cannot remember what it is. I'm upstairs and it is down in the shop). The Bosch runs smoothly.

    I don't remember how long I have had it...definitely more than a year...less than three years. I really do like it.

    It has the Velcro method of attaching the abrasive. This has not caused any problems. I cannot imagine that you would not be happy with this unit. Glenn has one also. He has had his longer than I have had mine. He talked me into purchasing this unit.


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    Seems like the Bosch is pretty popular, has good dust collection and is quiet which is important for me so sounds like the way to go.

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    If you have watched New Yankee Workshop very much at all, you will see Norm use a Porter Cable R0S 7346, I think the difference comes from what disc it comes set up with. What is nice about this tool is that it has power to spare and is varible speed.

    The other nice feature is that it comes able to use self adhesive discs used by auto body shops that come in many grits from 36 - 2000 and they sell for as little as $36 per 100 to somewhat higher depending on the grit.

    They are easy on the hand to hold and control.

    They are a little over your $$$ but not by much, and the best part is that I have had one for years and use it heavily all the time and it never seems to wear out. Actual cost for owning one for me is less than $10. per year. + sanding discs.

    Seriously check out the self adhesive discs at the Auto Body Supply Houses. Buying 5 at a time at the box store is the most expensive way there is. Also once the adhesive grabs the pad, they don't come off until you pull them off.

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