I haven't used these in a while so they may as well go to a good home.

Bosch power planer 3272a...used on about 50 doors and 1 2x12 and that was it. 2x12 had a knot...1 blade is missing 1/2" shown in pic...$7-10 I think to replace. Excellent condition...No dust bag because it didn't come with one.
$75 + $15 shipping...I think it can go flat rate.

Porter Cable 352VS 3x21 Belt sander...excellent condition...not a lot of use...in fact, I can't remember the last thing I used it on. Dust bag is on and in great shape. Very clean and the cord has never been hit.
$150 + $20 shipping...to big for flat rate.

I also have a PC Framing nailer...pic's and info later

PM for more info.