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Thread: 5/8 inch arbor question

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    5/8 inch arbor question

    I have a craftsmen 12 inch compound miter saw which has a 5/8 inch arbor. Most of the 12 inch blades that I have seen have a 1 inch arbor. Does anyone know if and where I can find anything that would fit into the 1 inch arbor blade to make it fit safely on a 5/8 inch arbor saw. Thanks Bob Giustina

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    Hi again Bob; see my answer on the CHW forum!

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    Mack, it would be helpful if you could post it here. I don't know what a CHW is.
    BTW, I had a similar problem and found a packet of various sized nylon arbor adapters at my local True Value hardware store. About six different sizes and it cost all of about $1.00.

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    I'm sorry Frank; Bob had asked this same question on a Cdn. site. CHW is an acronym for that site <> I was really just attempting to answer his question, not thinking that some one else might be interested in the answer as well. Sorry about that!

    Hi Bob; You can get an insert for the 1" blade that is 5/8" in dia. Whoever sold you the 12" blade should carry the 5/8" insert.

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