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Thread: Lead poisoning...hard way to go.

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    Lead poisoning...hard way to go.


    Poor thing died of lead poisoning.

    They come into my yard after my kid's rabbits. The kids wanted baby rabbits so we one time ended up with a total of 30 rabbits.

    My kids sure loved them, but then a band of raccoons came in while we were gone and wiped out almost 20 rabbits.

    So now they are on the 'bad' list of my kids.

    I've trapped several and relocated them, holy cow do they make a fuss about being in a cage! Since they didn't like that, and they didn't like swimming either, I figured I would help them with some extra minerals in their diets. Figured iron and zinc and such are put into vitamins and are supposedly good for you, so I figured they must be missing something out of their diets to keep coming around my house looking for my rabbits.

    So I figured out it must be lead. Apparently this poor fellow overdosed on the stuff. I'll have to work on my proportions in the future.
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    Brian, I completely understand where it is you are coming from. Raccoons even though portrayed as fun mischevious critters, are carriers of many many types of disease. From worms your dogs or cats can pick up, from their manure on hay disease to horses, all the way up the scale to rabies. I raised one as a kid, he bit me and I "turned him loose" at that point. He came back a year or so later, just to let me pet him and he bit me again!
    Just had one go through our flock of laying hens, of course between the two flocks, couldn't go for the old grumpy hens, nope, took out 15 hens from the good flock just starting to lay.

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    That is a good raccoon! They did away with my "flock" of five chickens. Didn't eat them just killed them. Got 4 one night and came back for the last one the next. My neighbor was watching our place while we were on vacation. Not her fault, but it was very traumatic for her. She felt responsible. That was three years ago and she is still apologizing.
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    Racoons are predatory vermin.
    They raid turkey nests and kill poults and destroy eggs.
    When my boys were in 4-H 'coons killed hundreds of their chickens. Didn't eat them, just killed.
    I shoot or trap and kill 'coons around my property whenever I can.
    I would suggest, posting here may not be a good idea. I follow the old country method of the three Ss. Shoot, shovel, shut-up.
    "Folks is funny critters."

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    They destroyed my brother-in-law's roof about a year ago. They dug holes clear through the roof and nested in the attic. Climbed the downspouts to get up there. He had them trapped and relocated. I would have opted for Brian's lead diet.


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    Looks like your next Shop Project should be a "Davy Crocket hat!
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    I was looking at an empty property a few months ago that was cheap. Cheap because all the interior walls and ceilings had damage and most of the wiring too due to a family of raccoons remodeling it to their needs. Insulation. flooring, drywall, finish carpentry and electrical damage was in the thousands of dollars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    ....I follow the old country method of the three Ss. Shoot, shovel, shut-up.
    Well I guess I should cancel my midnight run to snoop around your place...
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    Acute lead poisoning at that. I think I've read that the acute form is more deadly than the chronic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    ...I follow the old country method of the three Ss. Shoot, shovel, shut-up.
    ...and a good policy that is, too! It's also in force around here - for all sorts of varmints.
    Jim D.
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