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Thread: update of the project that I learned to never work as a subcontractor AGAIN!

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    update of the project that I learned to never work as a subcontractor AGAIN!

    Well I finished the majority if this on December 9th.......Today I finished the right hand top half of the room. I was nice and decided to give the counter guy a break and not install the top two pilasters & trim...I actually showed up there last weekend but the client could not hear the doorbell and/or me knocking on the door for an HOUR so I left...The not so bright main contractors also threw out my remaining trim (which i had left at the clients house with the other pieces that were not installed) for the very top of the wall panel so I could not finish that. Guess what they get to do now

    Hopefully some time this year I will see the vessel bowl installed, the fixture and the lights....but maybe that is too much to ask of a bunch of....
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Well its about time yer showing yer ugly mug around here Paul.

    Nice looking install there. Very fine work.

    I usually don't do sub work either. Too much hassle, eats into my profits.

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    Frustrations aside, that is going to be one breathtaking bath!
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    Looks great Paul, but you must have a lot of time in that job. I can't remember when you first posted on this but it seems ages ago


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    Paul that is amazing work

    Maybe it will be in some snazzy homes kind of magazine some day?
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    Paul, you do beautiful work! It's great to see you here at Family Woodworking!

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    hey paul! good to know you`re still pluggin` away.......the bath is lookin` good!
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    I guess all good things come to those who wait... That is definitely a good thing and there is still more waiting... you gotta love it.
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    Real Nice work, your customer should be proud.

    I know you have been doing this gig for quite some time,

    (building in NJ) but I am going to offer some unsolicited advice.

    You need to be a feared rodent progeny in your dealings with

    G/C's and subs. I not only threaten reputations but hearth and

    home. I speak in the vernacular, my appearance suggests I

    left the Angels club house at 5 in the morning and will not

    suffer fools and their excuses unless with cash.

    My latest problem with the electrician was due to the fact

    he fell into the realm of Friend/Family. I big no-no.

    See, he knew in real life I was a pussy cat and the exterior was

    an award winning act.

    Besides that, I always get paid on time, my jobs are rarely

    touched and people address me as Mr, Please.

    Good luck.


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