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Thread: It Friday and it's easter weekend

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    It Friday and it's easter weekend

    Hope yall have a happy easter and a happy Passover to our Jewish family members.
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    Ditto what Don said.

    Whatchall got going this weekend?

    Will mostly be spending mine with family, but did get a concrete pad put in for the fountain last week. Got the forms off of it yesterday. Will hopefully get the fountain setup this weekend. Also want to get a waterfall put in on the fish pond.

    If it rains I'll probably be sanding stair treads and picking up the shop.

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    Going to a friends art show opening tonight...tomorrow lifting heavy things into a van and uloading them a few miles away......FIL is downsizing to a townhome, but there will be BBQ and beer for a thank you.

    Sunday I will be in the shop making curlies fly all over!
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    Easter meal with my daughters and SILs as well as the two grands, CJ and Ashleigh!!!! Then a quiet weekend with my wife. Weather is supposed to be horrible for the next 10 days. Next week she has physical therapy on Mon, Tues and Thurs evenings after I get home with the bus. But Wed, opening day of turkey season she has two dr's appointments about 2.5 hours North and West of us. So, Tess is coming over for opening morning, then she will hunt with her husband Eric in the afternoon while I am gone. I have not put a trail cam out as it has been so wet, Eric put up the blind, will carry the decoys and chairs and try to call in or intercept a bird. Same spot I got my turkey last opening morning. Now I don't know if I am carrying the double barrel side by side 20 guage or the 10 gauge Browning pump. Sold last year's gun as it failed to fire until I shot the bird with Tess' gun.

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    Lot of time in church this holy week. Maundy Thursday last night, tonight Good Friday, tomorrow Easter vigil and Sunday is Easter sunrise service.
    Our son and his family are back from their year long vagabond travels around the world. But they are still in a whirl getting settled, back to work and all. We will wait until going to visit them.
    Also some time in shop, making a little project for the wife. Out in yard picking up branches, lots and lots of branches. They are still falling from the big kill during the 2009 ice storm. If things dry out I'll mow.
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    Happy Easter for it's real meaning!!
    Big, fast order to get out of turned utility stuff, cheese cutters, stoppers, pens, the whole shabang!! Sunday big church celebration that I'll be working at and then traditional early dinner (west coast...not supper) Ham, taters agraten, molten chocolate cake...not sure if that's traditional but we like to cook!! Saturday Stacey needs to rest; her C-spine is causing her a lot of problems again and her surgery 2 years ago may not have corrected everything. Since I'm fixed, cancer-wise...time to re-focus on getting wifey healthy and sleeping like a baby.
    From my family to yours...Blessings for the best Easter you can have!!
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    I'll be finishing up some cabinets, and my 89 year old grandfather is here to visit from Utah. He has been a woodworker all his life like his father. It will be neat to be able to show him my shop for the first time.

    With the cab project going on I can actually show him some work I'm doing too.
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    Lots of church stuff going on here as well. Sunday, I have to be there at 5Am to cook the breakfast for the ladies. (Me and my big mouth) That afternoon, we have having a picnic type meal. BBQ, creek fries, corn on cob. Don't know why, just wanted to do something different with the food.
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    Working on a couple of cedar Adirondack chairs for a neighbor tonight and Saturday, peace & quiet Sunday and I'm going to start by biting the rabbit ears off first..Mmmm chocolate ...Happy Easter all
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    I'll put in a morning of turkey hunting Saturday andwork a bit in the afternoon. Sunday I will be joining ny oldest son Jon,his wife for dinner in the afternoon after Church. Hope all receive a great Blessing this Resurrection Sunday.
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