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Thread: To glue both sides, or just one side of the joint?

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    To glue both sides, or just one side of the joint?

    When using a glue such as tightbond etc, should you glue both sides of the joint, or just one?

    I know that with some polyurethanes you can glue just one side.

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    i glue both sides on some, on mortise and tenon i glue the mortise side and not the tenon it just gobs up at the shoulder area on top. on cabinets i glue both the mortise area and tenon on the door frames but i do brush it so as to control the squeeze out.
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    I usually put a light coat of glue on both sides, just to make sure. Remember, glue is the cheapest part of your project - no reason to skimp.

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    With Titebond, I put glue on both sides. With poly glues, I've done the 'glue one side and dampen the other' routine and had no failures. (I don't use poly glue very often though.)
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    Another vote for both sides.
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    Always both sides for me with titebond. I don't use poly glue anymore.
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    Both side here also with Titebond.

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    Both sides here as well

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    Both sides, but a very light coat. Excessive squeezeout is NOT your friend.

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    As for poly - I haven't used that stuff in years!
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    I coat both sides with a thin coat of glue--usually TB II.


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