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Thread: Severe weather

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    Severe weather

    Many widespread storms past couple days, including tornados. Bad news for many. We have had rainstorm after rainstorm. My home and property are just fine, we are in a good drainage area.
    But the little creek 200 yards below us is a raging torrent, incredible. The ground is completely saturated, no place for the water to go except down the creeks to the big rivers.
    My son and some friends own some land on the White River and use it for a trout camp. Not right now. The river is up so high it is covering the big bridge nearby on the highway. Some houses are going to be 5 - 10 feet under water. Then the people who own them will complain to the county. They never answer the question why they built in a flood plain in the first place. And, no, the county does not have flood insurance.
    I leave in about 30 min. See y'all in about a week if the creeks don't rise. Oh, they DID rise.
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    I was wondering how you were doing. thanks for the update, stay safe.

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    I just read that Vilonia was almost wiped out and wondered how close that might be to you... guess you're leaving for higher ground ?

    Keep safe..
    Tellico Plains, TN
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