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    With all of the driving and so forth ,I listen to audiobooks quite a bit. One of my old favorites which I enjoy is 'Time enough for Love' by R.A. Heinlein, which I purchased from
    The way their service works is that you purchase the use of the book, and can download it as many times as you need from their website to your computer or other device. Well it rolled around to 'current' on my play list (I have 40 titles and counting, but listen to certain of them repeatedly), only when I tried to download the 1st section of the book (which had been split into two parts for download speed) it was missing. I emailed Audible's Customer Service page, got a reply, which didn't help, I emailed them again, got a phone number and just hung up from a Very helpful CSR. It seems that recently (I first bought the book back in '06) they had updated the version from two sections of part I to one, and removed the two sections from the website... she 'purchased' both of the the single section downloads for me anew and now I'm downloading it to my iTouch.

    All in all an easy fix for a problem caused by their upgrading their service.

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    I've been listening to some audio books lately and I'm looking at Audible, I gather you like it Ned?

    What is the real world cost per month?

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    When I choose to afford it, (you can take a break), it is about $17 USD a month iirc, for one 'credit' per month. Most books are one credit, some longer ones are two. I always buy unabridged copies. You can also purchase additional credits and/or on sale books at reduced price vs. 'street' or published price. They've got just about every genre out there, and their product is quite good sound quality wise.

    This was the very First time I've needed to email or speak with their CS department, in over 5 years, and it was dealt with in less than an hour from start to finish.

    I would absolutely recommend them.

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    My dad is big into the whole Audible thing as well.

    I've recently signed up for the one credit a month. I don't listen all that much since I don't really have a commute. The nice thing I like is that I don't really need to download it to the pc, as the app can either download it directly to your device, or if you have a phone, can stream it as well...

    Very good selection, and the sales aren't bad. Gotta watch out for impulse buys though. For some reason I bought the entire collection of "Nero Wolfe" radio plays... (But they are interesting to listen to)
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