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Thread: Cargo Trailer Recomendation?

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    Cargo Trailer Recomendation?

    I am looking to get a 7x14 cargo trailer for my business.

    Would anyone have recommendations on which brand to get and which to stay away from?
    Also, would you recommend single or tandem axle. I'm not going to carry a huge amount of weight, just wondered for stability in towing and the amount of bounce the contents of the trailer would get, if there was a difference

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    Two axles on that length and surge brakes. Top of the line is Wells Cargo and they also carry the best resale when your done with it. Stay away from Lowe's and the like they are cheap,cheap,cheap,
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    Don't have any cargo trailer experience. But do have a few trailers laying around the farm, my big three are goosenecks, dual axles single tires, one is a flatbed 24' long, one is a stock trailer 22' long, the other is a two horse with living quarters. A couple of bumper pull trailers, two have dual axles, single wheels, one is a small bumper trailer for a lawn mower. It has a single axle.
    Jay hit it on the head with wanting dual axles. More forgiving for your load and tow vehicle and many states require both axles to have electric brakes on them. A half ton pickup should easily handle that trailer and many now come with tow packages that include electric brake solenoid installed. If you have an automatic transmission, always even if the trailer is empty, shut off your overdrive. Also, make sure you have a transmission cooler on your tranny. Look through the craigslist and see what is selling and holding its value. Have heard good things about Wells Cargo trailers. Good luck.

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