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Thread: tornadoes across the south

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    tornadoes across the south

    Is everyone okay? The NYT says 173 people were killed yesterday by tornadoes across the south......
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    South is not the only place these day either. Va and Maryland is getting them also. They have kept me from turkey hunting in the morning This week.
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    Yep, it has just been pretty much bad anywhere east of the Mississippi river.

    Lets hope that any members down near the big one yesterday is OK.
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    As of today, 280 and counting. Sincerely hope ALL our folks OK and not many more found deceased,

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    well we got jeb, in decature AL and jeff horton is in AL as well..dont know of any others..
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    There have been some big ones in Arkansas. I know a big one hit within a few miles of Mark Cothren's place a couple of nights ago, although he and his family are OK.

    Here's hoping all the folks over on that side of the country get a break from this weather soon.
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    We had a tornado watch yesterday, and a warning south of us, but luckily the sky never turned green here. No freight trains, either. Thank goodness, I've had enough of those to last a good long while...

    Here's hoping everyone's safe. What a season it's been, here and abroad...



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    Cynthia, I was just about to post along this line.
    I hope from the bottom of my heart that all you guys are as well as can be expected. We only see forest fires and a couple of quakes here. I really have no idea what you guys are going through...a month in Haiti seems easier. God bless and keep your heads down!!!

    p.s. I talkd to Jeff Horton via Email a couple times was quick, but their power was out and that was about it.
    I know that we (DMAT) have 6 teams deployed in the entire area to cover the medical needs of the wounded. We use big shelter tents...not tornado resistant by any there more people to worry about.
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    just got off the phone with jeb,, and he said that he is fine but they are out of power and looks like they will be for some time the main citys are gettin some but not all of the city.. the f4 or f5 came threw just one mile from his factory that he works at.. they got just a few pieces of siding lifted of the shop and no power and will be down for a month because of the power outages but the mile away is gone!!! he told me that some were saying that this has caused more damage than any hurricane has in the past..twisted railroad tracks...ut he and his family is well and the weather great which helps so they arent sweltering hot or dealing with rains..
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    Hey guys, finally got power. I'm supposed to have it until tonight, then they're turning mine off to cycle through some other places. Not enough transmission lines up yet from the power plants to get everyone up at one time it seems. Most of the info very vague.

    I'm fine, I got really lucky. From what I heard 2% of employees at the plant I work for had complete loss of their houses. The latest TVA update is 580,000 still without power, many places having 1-2 hr waits for groceries and food. If anyone is thinking of helping, there is little need atm for anything but skilled linesmen working for TVA until the power comes back up. Most of the affected areas have dusk-dawn curfews and some have roadblocks and you have to show proof of address to even reach a home in that area. Other areas might be different, but for lawrence, morgan, madison counties that seems to be the case.

    For any that need work and are willing to travel, I suspect in about 1-2 weeks there will be a alot of home building in north alabama. I haven't heard a # but there are 100+ in lawrence county, I would guess a 1000+ in north alabama. No telling how many got damage, many times that number I'm sure.

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