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Thread: Squarish Oak Bowl

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    Squarish Oak Bowl

    Here is some more oak...this one has a ebonized rim and I left the wings square. It's about 10" from tip to tip. I roughed up the rim with a dremel tool while the lathe was running to give it some texture. I then oiled everything but the rim. After that I used my mixture of steel wool and vinegar to turn the rim black, let it dry and then oiled the whole thing again. The third pic is of another little friend that didn't survive much after I took the pic. BTW, I apologize for the poor pics lately...I can't find out camera!

    Comments and Critiques are always welcome, even if I forget to ask.
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    I think your dad borrowed your camera You should call the Office of Displaced Wood Worms and see about getting the dude a home!! I just started using steel wool and vinegar with bark powder. I works great. Nice bowl too!!
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    Nope, I don't have Jeff's camera. That is a nice bowl. Will the worm stay with it or are you going to displace it.

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