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Thread: Oland ruffing tool?

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    Oland ruffing tool?

    Anyone heard of the Oland ruffing tool?

    Here is a description of how to make one.
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    Bart, I use an oland tool for 90% of all my turning...with a proper grind and tool control, it can leave a very smooth finish. I have 5 of them in different thing about them is you can make one for next to nothing.

    Edit: Here is an article about how the Oland tool came about....

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    The Oland tool is essentially the same as the boring bars and cutters most of us use on our hollowing rigs. I've also got the Monster Indexer, which is also an Oland style tool.

    In other words, yes, I've heard of them.

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    I've made a smaller scale one and really like it. I plan on making a larger one in the future. I use mine for boring, roughing, and even some spindle work.
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    I use a tool I bought from Dennis Montville. It works pretty well and came with a sharpening jig to sharpen the bits.
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