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Thread: Forrest Blades?

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    Forrest Blades?

    I'm implementing my post-retirement hobby plan, no production work, just whatever project I decide to work on for my personal pleasure or for the grand-kids.

    What's the general consensus on Forrest TS blades? I was looking at a 10" 40 tooth Woodworker II. Do you see a benefit to using a vibration dampener?



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    I've used WWII blades for about twenty years,and have never used a stabilizer with one. Good blades, for sure, but there are several that are just as good, but lower priced. Look at premium blades by Tenyru or Infinity. Both are very good!
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    I've used stabilizers on other blades, especially thin kerf blades with great success, but have never noticed a diff when using or not using on my forest blade.

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    If you use the thin kerf WW II, then a stabilizer would be appropriate. The standard kerf blade does not need the stabilizer.


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    Ron, I am going to disagree. It depends on the saw! My old tablesaw, is a BT3100 (but have since gone to a guided circular saw system) and all that I have known with it, did not need or use a thin kerf blade on that saw.

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    Tom, stabalizer are more for the cheap(thin) blades as they have less mass and can vibrate. I perfer the infinity blades, just as good, but saves a few bucks in the check book.

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    For what's it's worth I recently bought a WWll and I'm less than pleased with it. I don't think I will ever buy another one.
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    i have a forrest and i wont buy another either ,,not that it doesnt work well ,,just that i can get the same use out of a lesser priced blade,, ilike the industrial version of frueds and also have used the infinitys.. it does depend on the saw that you have as to what works well with it..if yu dont have enough hp to run a full kerf blade well then yu need a thin kerf..
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    I used to run stabilizers on my thin kerf blades including my WWII when I had a contractor saw. I kept using them when I upgraded saws but found that after getting the saw more diligently aligned, the stabilizers were unnecessary. With a few exceptions I run all TK blades (only one Forrest out of 8 or 9 blades) with excellent results.
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    +1 on Infinity or Freud. Forrest just cost to much
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