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Thread: Having just seen The Scotsman...

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    Having just seen The Scotsman...


    Having just seen The Scotsman-For Larry and his Kilt, I had to add another for Larry.

    My best friend from High School up through when our kids were in High School was Bob.

    Bob was always kidding me because anything I built was built heck for strong. If a toothpick would do, I used a 2 x 4. On the other hand Bob would undertake a job for a 2 x 4 and use a couple toothpicks instead.

    His stuff always turned out great in looks and use. Mine always looked like an amateur cobbled it together.

    Anyway, I spent a day dismantling my wood rack because Glenn and I are going to make a new one this week-end. The old rack was 6 ft long and 4 ft high. The photo is the hardware I removed from the old rack. I notice that I did not get one fender washer for each of the bolts in the photo. I also did not get the HF 5 in casters in the photo.

    Larry's motto is, "If in doubt, build it stout." I am sure that you can tell from the pile of hardware that I must have been doubtful because I sure built it stout. And it was stout. It lasted for several years while holding over a thousand pounds (one time I estimated 1,400 lbs) overload.

    Oh yes, Myrna and I are still laughing at The Scotsman song.



    Glenn is going to be here for a few days so communication will probably be minimal. When we get together hilarity, work, visiting, etc. are about on a par with a movie version of a couple inebriated high school girls visiting.
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    well jim yu can tell myrna that i had a fresh pair of breifs in this picture,, and the first time i wore it i had a pair of Silk boxers with the year 2000 all over them in yelo and bright orange on a black back ground and that night after we got back from some livation i slipped right outs bed, them things are like a greased pig to wear

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    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
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    I hope the new rack goes together well for you & Glenn Jim, I'll be up all night wondering how it's coming I sure won't be able to sleep after seeing and reading Larry's post
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    I wish I was in the bolt, washer and screw business. I could take the family out to dinner and a movie with a sale like that
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    Glen, I envy anyone that has a dad that is as proud and willing and able to publicly declare his sincere desire and joy to be with his son. I am confident you treasure this, but for me, please, never take it for granted. Jim, I hope to always emulate your genuine love for family for my entire life. You folks have a grand weekend doing anything, nothing, other than enjoying each other's presence.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy it.

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