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Thread: Porter Cable 694VK for $80.................

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    Porter Cable 694VK for $80.................

    I HAD to go to my local Lowes store to get some pocket screws cause I ran out. I thought I had a whole box of 1000 left but it was the wrong size. (See sig line)

    Anyway, in another forum there has been talk of Lowes clearing out their PC routers. I don't really need anymore routers. This bonehead has three and he wonders why. But I decided to see if there were any of the fantastic deals to be had at my Lowes. I strolled by the bargin table and spied a 6902 router for $60. However, it had no case, no accessories, no manual, no nothing. It didn't even have the bolt on the back to tighten the base to the router body. Just the fixed base loose on the body. What is this bonehead going to do with a fourth router that doesn't even have all the parts to work? It was a demo/shelf model. I'm sure that some selfish 690 owner broke his bolt and stole another one off of this router; I'm sure of it.

    I continued on my way and went to look for my pocket screws. On my way back I walked through the table saw section which was in back of the bargin table. As I was approaching the table, a man came up and pulled out a big, black case out from UNDER the table. He must have hid it there; I'm sure of it.

    As I pretended to look at the table saws I secretly watched him inspect the router kit. It was an elusive Porter Cable 694VK, dual base kit. All looked intact including the manual and all (as far as I could tell) accessories. I quickly and stealthily scanned the box and saw that it had been marked down a couple of times to $79.99! WOW.........I don't need anymore routers but for that price I could buy it and donate it for our first drawing/raffle here. He started putting all of the goodies back into the box and started muttering something about it being a good buy. I started to make my move and throw him to the ground and take the router from him but, using my lightning quick, predator cat-like reflexes and powers of obversation, I surmised that if I tried to take this great deal of a router from this frail senior citizen he would probably beat the hell out of me and leave me bleeding on the dirty floor of this Lowes store; I'm sure of it.

    So, I HAD to watch him walk away with my great deal of a router that was on markdown for only $80.

    The moral of this story?...............Check your Lowes for great deals on closeout routers before that stinkin' senior citizen gets there before you. I'm sure he's going around to all the Lowes just buying up all of these great bargins; I'm sure of it.
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