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Thread: I had another visitor this morning

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    I had another visitor this morning

    I got outside today around 10:30 am, and cleaned up a bit, by 11 I was running the planer(along with the dust collector) planing up the legs Im using for the bar table.
    I look up, a bit startled, my nosy neighbor is standing on the side right near my garage entrance fussing with his rose bushes.
    Jim can tell you guys even when he was here in Feb, as soon as we started talking on my driveway, the NN was outside fussing with that same rosebush, yes, in the middle of Feb, only because he is so nosy.
    I dont let it bother me much anymore, other than when you look up, and someone is standing right there, eh........
    I continue to work, and again, Im startled, someone is standing right at the entrance to my garage/shop.

    It is the local code inspector, didnt realize it at first, only saw the uniform, but he walked in and said he received a noise complaint.
    (really? the gardeners are outside for hours with lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, gas trimmers that make more noise than all my machines together)
    He was extremely pleasant. He just said its his job to follow through on a complaint, asked me if I do this for a living or just a hobby. I invited him inside to show him my work, he laughed and said, no, no, I can see youre a woodworker who enjoys his hobby. I asked who filed the complaint, he just shrugged and said, like I said, I have to follow through.

    He left, so I guess all is well again. It did upset me at the time thinking my NN actually complained after almost 4 years, and now I do alot less work.
    I looked over at him, still fussing, and realized, I should not be mad.
    The man is severely ill, he has zero life, just waiting around this earth for his time, and I cant be upset with someone who exhibits mental illness.
    I was a bit mad at myself for wanting to walk over to him and smash his skull with one of the maple boards I had, but realized like I said, he intrudes on others lives because he has nothing, nothing at all, and this is all he can do in his life to be noticed.

    What was interesting was that the code inspector said he heard the machines from the street. Now ofcourse, anyone can hear a machine from the street, but loud, no way.
    My contractor friend who lives across the street saw the code inspectors car in front and walked over after he left.
    He believes the inspector was just driving by, saw my canopy up, heard all the machines and wanted to make sure I wasnt running a commercial business out of a home garage.

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    Allen, I hope the inspecter was just driving by...but it sounds like although he causes you much aggrevation, you can "deal" with the NN by just ignoring him.
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    Im pretty sure if I had a problem, the inspector would have addressed it right then and there, so Im pretty confident.
    As I mentioned, my other friend on the block told me he feels the inspector was just driving by, slowed down by corner construction work, and was just sitting in front when he noticed all the machinery on.
    He isnt allowed to enter someones property unless he has a complaint, so maybe he just used that reason to have a look around.

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    You are a better man than I Allen. I have a simple rule, If your actions effect my life, mine will effect yours...stop and I will too. Glad you left that board in the gargae!! I really do feel for those that have to live their lives through ours...guess that raises the stakes on setting a good example.
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    I hope it's not a problem for you, Allen. I had crummy neighbors for 20 years. Finally got rid of them with a move to another province and to an acreage.

    Once long ago, when I was a single mom with 2 little kids, a freak snowstorm in May on a Saturday night at midnight caused a tree of mine to split with a big piece falling across the fence, half in my yard and half in the neighbors. 8 hours later, on Sunday morning at 8AM the neighbor was banging on my door to tell me and my kids all in pj's, "you're gonna have to get that tree out of my yard....."
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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    but realized like I said, he intrudes on others lives because he has nothing, nothing at all, and this is all he can do in his life to be noticed.
    Maybe you've already tried this, but if that is all the life he has, maybe he'd be open to an invitation into the shop to see what your doing to make the noise? Just a thought
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    I like Dan's idea. Maybe offer to make something for him! It's good to have a lathe: you could knock off a bowl while he's there...

    I wheel out my planer into the driveway when I use it. Makes a heck of a racket. And when I turn on my air compressor, you can hear the darned thing six doors away! Wish I had a solution to that. For some reason, the noise we make never bothers us. But other people's noise...



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    One big reason I choose to live in a semi-rural area. What I do doesn't bother the neighbors. And they don't bother me.
    However, if it were me, I would go to City or County the next day and get a copy of the applicable ordinance. There may be no law prohibiting you from creating the noise you are making with your machines. You are right that lawnmowers and such make an awful racket. The law might prohibit them from running. That would be an interesting court case or session at city hall. Or they may be exempted.
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    I, too, like Dan's and Bill's idea of inviting him over for a visit--and maybe a cup of coffee. Maybe he just has a strange way of looking for a friend.


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    He made up phony crap in 2003 and filed false nonsense about my newly installed driveway that cost me many sleepless night because I had to go to court, something Ive never done regarding my home or breaking codes.
    What I did wrong was not purchase a 15 dollar cement permit, so I did that after the fact, and that was the only thing the court addressed.
    They apologized to me and waved the 25 dollar fine for filing the permit late.
    The driveway was inspected by the town engineer and given immediate approval(ofcourse it was, it was done by a top contractor)
    My wife and daughter have told me for years they felt uncomfortable with the way he hides in his doorway and stares at them, for over 20 years.
    He doesnt speak with more than 2 people on the block, most neighbors around us hate him and have had run ins with him which I wont go into because they invovled legal stuff.

    He will never be invited on my property. He will never be a friend. The only time I care to get within handshaking distance of him is when Im about to deck him, so I keep my distance because Im afraid one day I wont be able to control my temper. Other than that, I generally ignore him, but its eery when you look up all the time and hes standing 15 feet from you, startling is a better word.

    the noise issue, I think the inspector was just checking up to make sure I wasnt running a commercial shop out of my garage.

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